Eight Winds 2023  Will be held July 20 - 23

This will be our first time back since the covid-19 pandemic
we hope you will join us for a great event!



Sierra Madrone Grove, ADF (SMG) is a chartered grove of Ár nDraiocht Féin (which is Irish Gaelic & is pronounced “arn ree-ocht fane”; it means “Our Own Druidry”), or ADF, which is an international organization devoted to creating a public tradition of Neopagan Druidry. March of 2019 marks our 15th anniversary.


ADF is working to combine in-depth scholarship with the inspiration of artistry and spiritual practice to create a powerful modern Paganism. We're researching and interpreting sound modern scholarship (rather than romantic fantasies) about the ancient Indo-European Pagans — the Celts, Norse, Slavs, Balts, Greeks, Romans, Persians, Vedics, and others. 

Neopagan Druidry

We're developing genuine skills and bringing together people to bring the remnants of the old ways to life. We're creating a nonsexist, non-racist, organic, flexible and publicly available religion to practice as a way of life and to hand on to future generations.

The Annual Eight Winds Festival

Natural Redwood ring of decompositionEight Winds refers to the eight states that make up the Northwest Region of ADF. Alaska, Washington, Oregon, Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Nevada and Northern California. It's an impressive expanse, in sheer area, as well as beauty, resources, environments, and people. We get together annually to share this bounty at our good fire. 


Eight Winds is a camping festival and gathering of the Northwest Region. It will be held July 16 - 19, 2020, at Samuel P Taylor state park in beautiful Lagunitas, California.  Details are on the Registration page.


One can read, in The Wild Hunt, that Eight Winds is ADF's longest running festival. We're pretty confident this is untrue, but it is a great time. Thursday through Sunday, with meals provided by an award winning pitmaster, you can really immerse yourself in the community. Whether you are the type to get up with the sun and go for a hike, or you like to see that the fire is out before calling it a day, it is an amazing experience in the beautiful forests of the Northwest.