Eight Winds 2024   MAY 2 - 5  

 Arch Druid Jean "Drum" PaganoJean (Drum) Pagano is a Neo-pagan author, Druid, and Priest. Jean finds the sacred ever-present in Nature and seeks to better understand the sacred amidst the beauty of the natural world and the complexity of technology.  He is a Senior Priest of Ar NDraiocht Fein (ADF), the Archdruid of ADF, and a server engineer in the mundane world. He writes three blogs. Jean can be contacted on social media at @DrumADF and @Jon Drum. Drum has been a member of ADF since 1984. A frequent contributor to Oak Leaves, Drum is also the author of Arise from Vapours, Willow Flow, A Tree for the Earth Mother, and the Saulé Books 1 & 2, A Journey Through the Great Forest, and the editor for Beginnings, all available at amazon.com.




 Susan Burns 

Susan Burns has a degree in Speech/Theater from Middle Tennessee State University and has performed in a variety of regional productions, including a national tour of “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.” She has written, produced and directed for the Hollywood Fringe Festival. An ADF druid since 2015, she is a member of Raven’s Cry Grove in Los Angeles and currently serves as the South West Regional Druid.










Vice Arch Druid Sean HarbaughSean Harbaugh, a founding member Sierra Madrone Grove, has been a very active member of ADF since 2004. He served on the Mother Grove, was the Scribe of the Gael Kin, Deputy Chief of the Council of Senior Druids, on the Grove Organizing Committee, a Dedicant Program Reviewer, GSP Reviewer, and CTP Reviewer. The current North West Regional Druid, Sean has served as NWRD, VAD, on the Clergy Council, in the Initiates program, and as an admin on ADF's Facebook groups. Sean founded the Order of Manannan and authored the Festival Handbook.





Awen of Primal Druidry

Awen is a deadlifting druid, witchy woman, and longtime ritualist who draws from a variety of skills to cultivate sacred space and primal magic. Awen has taught on primal druidry before at The Green Man in North Hollywood, the Crooked Path in Burbank, the Pagan Community Retreat of 2023, and taught classes on ritual creation both online and in New York at Vamachara Tattoo & Occult Supply Shop. Awen has led and participated in rituals with Raven’s Cry Grove on and off for 10 years, and currently hosts more personal, vetted monthly primal druidry rituals (outside of ADF) around Los Angeles. Awen has been practicing paganism since age 15, been a member of Ar nDraiocht Fein since age 17, taken multiple classes on British Traditional Witchcraft at The Green Man, apprenticed under a dominatrix/Buddhist meditation teacher, and has studied + applied druidry as a practitioner overall for over ten years. A devotee of the Morrigan, she fused her strength training with her devotional practices. You can read more about Awen & primal druidry on primaldruidry.com, as well as @primaldruidry on Instagram.


Murias Jessica Meredith
is the current Scribe for Sierra Madrone Grove, ADF, where she records our meeting minutes, manages our membership rolls, and keeps our bylaws and other documents up to date. She frequently performs the oracular role in our public rituals. Jessica is also an artist inspired by deity centered paganism. Drawn to elemental witchcraft and tarot in high school, prior to becoming a Druid she had studied solitaire within a lyceum in the Fellowship of Isis. She has often been called to work with Chthonic, Chaos or other “Outdweller” type deities. Through this shadow work she found that facing chaos and the dark is necessary to maintain order and balance. She also found a kinship with dragons in dark spaces. Her experience has helped her create a way for her to share with others how to uncover our individual and innate elements and find a stronger foot hold in the astral realms for increased balance and awareness.