Registration for 13 and older is $85 


For accompanied youths, 12 and younger, there is no additional donation amount.


Dinner on Friday and Saturday nights are included with your registration. We will not be providing an elaborate food plan this year. We will have a great camp kitchen setup and there are ample stores and restaurants nearby. Clear Lake even has a Foster's Freeze. (or 2 - 3)


There is no additional fee for camping. Adopt a Druid is in effect for Eight Winds, so please reach out to Sierra Madrone Grove, ADF, if you have equipment needs for the event.


If the event is actually cost prohibitive for you, and you really want to attend, please reach out to Sierra Madrone Grove, ADF, to see if there is work trade or other options available. We have put a lot of effort into keeping this event attainable without sacrificing quality or quantity. This effort would be wasted if it is not attainable.