Eight Winds 2019 Workshops

Gwion Raven

Kitchen Witchery Made Easy:

Becoming a kitchen with its easier than you think. You might already be a kitchen witch and not even realize it. In this workshop, we’ll explore the three basic components of Kitchen Witchery: All food is sacred, tools make the witch, and cookery as devotion. Oh! You’ll leave with at least one newly consecrated kitchen witch tool as well.


The Magic Of Food– Rituals, Offerings, & Eating Together:

Add a pinch of lecture, a dash of workshop and two large scoops of ritual and you’ll get a sense of what this offering is all about. Explore ancient pagan food rituals from around the world, designed to appease the gods and bring all manner of good fortune to your household. Tuck into scrumptious morsels of knowledge and wisdom from modern day kitchen witchery practices, including preparing ritual meals and creating the perfect sensual feast. We’ll make ritual together. You’ll leave with new magical tools. And yes, we’ll even eat something!

Phoenix LeFae

What Is Remembered Lives - Working with the Spirit of the Land:

Often Pagans say, 'What is remembered, lives' when referring to our ancestors and Beloved Dead. But what if more than our ancestors need us to remember them? Modern humans are suffering from a disconnect to the Spirits of the Land and through that disconnect the Spirits suffer too. In this workshop we will explore the importance of connecting with the Spirits of the Land and immerse into the power of that connection.


Traveling Altars - Magick on the Road:

Altars can be used in devotional work, spell craft, worship, prayer, meditation, and more. An altar is highly personal and the creation of an altar can be a profound magickal experience. This power doesn't have to be static. We can create altars that go with us wherever we go. In this class we will create small traveling altars to help us on our magickal or devotional journeys.

John Hyatt

Nehalennia workshop and ritual:

Nehalennia is a Dutch Goddess worshiped on the south west coast of the Netherlands (Zeeland). Today, she has two active temples and devotees tending to them today with others world-wide connecting to Her.   She was revered for travel safety across the sea by merchants and mariners making her connected to the sea, travel, and also she is connected with fertility of the land, loyalty, and prosperity.  This workshop will introduce you to Nehalennia and we will enjoy a ritual to greet and honor Her.


Bindrunes with the Elder Futhark:

Talismans have been used in magic for centuries throughout the world. In pre-christian Northern Europe, runes were used used in talisman work and with the divinatory and magical revivals since the 1970s, have seen a return. Join this practical, hands-on workshop to craft a talisman (bindrune) using the Elder Futhark runes to enhance your practice or intention. No previous rune experience necessary.

JoHanna Hill

Ireland Travel for Pagan Families

Resources, tools for Pagan travelling in Ireland with and without kids and anecdotes from my own travel's there.

  Kids craft: TBD
Kirk Thomas

Facing Fear: 

Fear is one of those things we don’t like to think about much, because it just gets in the way. And there are many kinds of fear - life threatening fear, early bias fears, long term stress fears, PTSD, irrational fears, etc. This workshop will take a look at fear in our lives and end with an activity to face our fear.

Sean Harbaugh

Rock Hounding:

Sean will be taking people out to collect and identify rocks in the park.


Manannan Mac Lir: 

Learn about the three phases of Manannan in lore with a founder of the ADF Order of Manannan.

Jon Drum Pagano

Building a Devotional Practice with the Ancestors

The Ancestors are closely connected to us by family and by heart or hearth. Examine ancestral practices of the past in order to set up an ancestral practice of your own.


Readings of Saule and the Sunrise and Saule and the Sunset

Drum will read his children's e-books, Baltic tales of Saulé as she drives her chariot across the skies and how she ends her day.

Lindsay Harbaugh Medicinal Mushrooms