Eight Winds 2024   MAY 2 - 5  




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Susan Burns

Theatre In Ritual: Engaging Attendees and Honoring the Gods

How can we make the ritual experience meaningful for visitors and attendees while staying focused on honoring the Gods? The answer lies in the ancient relationship between ritual and theater. In this session, we will look at the history of that relationship, explore a variety of ways to incorporate theatrical elements into public ritual, and share an exercise that strengthens participation.




Those interested in organizing or leading ritual.

Awen of Primal Druidry

Getting Primal with the COOR

Learn to take the Core Order of Ritual to the next level with Awen of Primal Druidry. From the Two Powers, Gate Opening and entirety of the COOR— re-evaluate your relationship to the template to elevate it from a nominal ceremony to a deeper insight-inducing cathartic collaboration with your fellow ADF druids & any guests to your own rituals. Awen emphasizes trance experiences, primal somatic movement during ritual, and combining scholarship with raw instinct. Let’s throw back to the original druidry taboo against using the written word as a crutch, use history as a trampoline instead of a restraint system, and get primal.




ADF members looking to deepen their relationship & experience with ADF's Core Order of Ritual template.


Building a Druid Practice with the Moon 

This workshop will explore devotional practices for different phases of the Moon, including a new Moon Oracle.


Anyone building their practice 



Jessica Meredith  

Divination Table

Jessica will bring divination tools and create space for tarot readings that she will provide free of charge for the duration of the workshop.